Aloha shirts and issues (some sartorial rules to live by for the middle aged man)

I have been somewhat of a clothes horse since I was a teen aged, now somewhat a youthful looking guy in my mid 50’s (my closest celebrity doppelgänger is Joe Scarborough). In a certain sense, being older frees you up to not jump on to every trend and hopefully age has given you the selfContinue reading “Aloha shirts and issues (some sartorial rules to live by for the middle aged man)”

The Exchange (It’s Never Free!)

Disclaimer: There are middle aged men out there who feel like they are an oppressed class. I am not one of them. I have been known to say that Middle Aged Men, especially Middle aged white men, have been responsible for most, if not all, of the World’s problems for the last 2-6000 years. PriorContinue reading “The Exchange (It’s Never Free!)”

Sex Workers and Family Law Part Deux Child Support

Other than child issues, the other issues in Family Law concern money. This falls into three different categories: Child Support, Property Settlement/Distribution and Alimony. Actually there is a fourth, one of my favorites, Attorney Fees. This post is focused on child support. Child support is exactly what it sounds like, support for your child orContinue reading “Sex Workers and Family Law Part Deux Child Support”

Sex Workers and Family Law

In almost 30 years of practicing law I have had a number of Sex Workers as clients. I have defended them in criminal court (a fetish model/Domme for speeding tickets), litigated against banks (escort/flight attendant in a number of foreclosure and breach of contract actions), Aromatherapy shop owners in landlord/tenant issues. I have even doneContinue reading “Sex Workers and Family Law”