Friday Blog ( LB, H and the Kitchen)

I tweeted last week about my friend (the one that is like a little brother to me, henceforth “LB”). Things are better for him and the company. He (and I) haven’t been paid yet but money is moving and I’ve had a frank discussion with the head guy about no one working for free. LBContinue reading “Friday Blog ( LB, H and the Kitchen)”

Denim heads part deux (Dad jeans, selvedge and how not to over think it)

I did it again, I bit. A few weeks ago, while sitting around a friend’s dock after a lovely dinner and a few scotches, I was playing with my phone while the conversation was going on around me. An ad popped up for inexpensive selvedge jeans ($98-$128 price range) from an L.A. Company called BraveContinue reading “Denim heads part deux (Dad jeans, selvedge and how not to over think it)”

Wednesday Blog (Pretty Woman and More Dominance Games?)

I am sure that many of you have a love/hate relationship with the movie “Pretty Woman”. (side note, did you ever wonder if Richard Gere played the same character as in “American Gigolo” and so when he made it big, he really had a soft spot for his fellow SW?, now that would have beenContinue reading “Wednesday Blog (Pretty Woman and More Dominance Games?)”

Dominance Games part deux

I had an interesting experience in Mediation yesterday that was interesting, relevant to my last blog and kind of an eye-opener. In my law practice, I deal with a scenario quite often where I represent a woman who has a child or children with a narcissistic, controlling man. Sometimes they were married and other timesContinue reading “Dominance Games part deux”

Friday blog (today is kind of random)

Black Jeans-I recently bought and soaked a new pair of 501 STF’s that I thought were dark indigo and even wore them once, before I noticed they weren’t a very dark blue but actually black. Full Disclosure-I am color blind mostly reds, for example, I cannot see the difference between blue and purple or darkContinue reading “Friday blog (today is kind of random)”

Companion Contract/Questionaire

Name______________ Cell No.______________ Linked In Profile or Work Website__________ Age_________________(attach Photo ID with redacted number) References (Name, Website, Ph No.) ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Have you ever been arrested? Yes____ No________ If Yes, what was the disposition of the charges_____________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Was the charge a result of Domestic Violence? Yes_____ No________ Please initial each line: __________Continue reading “Companion Contract/Questionaire”

Aloha shirts and issues (some sartorial rules to live by for the middle aged man)

I have been somewhat of a clothes horse since I was a teen aged, now somewhat a youthful looking guy in my mid 50’s (my closest celebrity doppelgänger is Joe Scarborough). In a certain sense, being older frees you up to not jump on to every trend and hopefully age has given you the selfContinue reading “Aloha shirts and issues (some sartorial rules to live by for the middle aged man)”

The Exchange (It’s Never Free!)

Disclaimer: There are middle aged men out there who feel like they are an oppressed class. I am not one of them. I have been known to say that Middle Aged Men, especially Middle aged white men, have been responsible for most, if not all, of the World’s problems for the last 2-6000 years. PriorContinue reading “The Exchange (It’s Never Free!)”