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My Sunday was interesting. I am the volunteer lawyer for my local mountain biking club. Our president, who is kind of a visionary (also an executive chef), put on an event at a local trail where he invited other mtn bike club leaders, land managers and anyone else who was interested in influencing the direction of mountain biking in Florida. Yes, mountain biking in Florida. We have lots and lots of trails and even a few hills once you get away from the beach, but that’s not the subject of this blog, but possibly one in the future.

While I was there, I talked to a few acquaintances and met some new ones. A few of us had this one thing in common. We were all in our 50’s and we all still rode mtn bikes, surfed, skated and listened to the music that goes with all that. In other words, at age 50 we suddenly didn’t turn into Golfers who listened to light rock and country. We didn’t start wearing “relaxed fit” anything. No, we are still “dudes” just a little older, with more juice. One guy was a photographer/videographer and another was a landscape guy who was morphing into a professional trail builder. The funny thing was, in this group, we didn’t lead off with our professions. We talked about our love of riding, cool places we have ridden or surfed, what bands we were going to see next, how often we ride with our kids, our next tattoo and even a few “back in the day” stories. This is my tribe, my crew, my peer group.

As part of my blog, I like to give a little insight about men to my audience. So, if you ever have a “dude” as a client, here is what I think you can expect. He’s going to be easy to hang out with. He’s going to seem relaxed on the surface but have some intensity when you get to know him. He’s not going to be insecure and he’s going to be positive. He will be fit but not chiseled. His shape comes from outdoor activities not the gym (even though we dudes acknowledge that burpees can help with popping up on your surfboard). He may wear Vans because that’s what he’s been wearing since he was a kid, not because they are trendy. Lingerie and garter belts are ok, but he really likes boyfriend jeans with holes in them. You are more likely to meet up for fish tacos and beers than fine dining. He may own an old Jeep as a second car and his garage will be filled with bikes, boards, tents and all types of outdoor gear. He will own more Patagonia (Patagucci) than Hugo Boss. He’ll be impressed if you tell him you camp by yourself and he’ll want to hear about your outdoor life. His vehicle will be a little dirty and will have racks. If he’s a professional he can move seamlessly in and out of that world but still be himself. If he’s single, he may take you on a surf trip to Costa Rica or Byron Bay.

Have a great week and I hope you get to book a date with a dude soon. We are fun.

One thought on “Monday Blog

  1. Yes, you dudes are fun. With the energy you bring, the wide range of conversations from business to beaches, all of the activities that you love, very well rounded passion for life and no pretentious airs. Just an enjoyable, relaxed time where I also, just get to be me.


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