Friday Blog ( LB, H and the Kitchen)

I tweeted last week about my friend (the one that is like a little brother to me, henceforth “LB”). Things are better for him and the company. He (and I) haven’t been paid yet but money is moving and I’ve had a frank discussion with the head guy about no one working for free. LB is a big political tweeter and actually had a tweet show up on the Huffington Post. I am/was a big political tweeter as well with about 13-1400 followers on my main account. He has about 631 and he is really into the Twitterverse and all it’s little more’s. Even though he doesn’t has as many followers as me, because he has a PhD in Literature and teaches environmental policy at a local college, he has always felt he was just a little superior (we are very competitive, and every time I kick his ass on the bike it was because he had some “equipment issue”). He was showing me some tweet of his that got 30-40 likes about some stupid shit Trump did, then I showed him SuitPorn…and my 730+followers on the SilverSurfer account (which he is forbidden from following). He now wants me to post a picture of him in a suit and I just might one of these days.

In marriage counseling this week, I feel like I had a breakthrough. I was talking to H (my wife) earlier about a case I had where the people had been married for 18 years (like us), the Husband made a much higher income than the Wife (like us) and they had a couple of teenagers (like us). The conversation got a little heated when I was talking about how much Alimony the wife in that case thought she “deserved”. I told my wife that I would always take care of the family regardless of our marital status and her retort was that, “they will make you pay”. I took offense because no court is ever going to have to compel me to be responsible for my obligations. So, in counseling later, as we were discussing this, I turned to the counselor and H and said that I don’t and will not stay in a marriage because I am afraid of Alimony or Child Support. In all of this writing about dominance games, it has become apparent to me that I don’t have any issues or insecurities with power in my life. That makes it weird when H has said in the past that our relationship is a power struggle. I don’t struggle for power and she does, it is something to think about. Years ago we were working outside together (which is actually really good for us because we are a pretty good team) and I said hey I am going to get you a Tshirt that says “She Who Must Be Obeyed” and she had a big victory smile for a second. I then said I am getting one that says “He Who Writes the Checks”. Every marriage needs a CEO and a CFO.

To that end, we are starting the kitchen. She no longer wants to move a supporting wall (which requires an Engineer and lots of $$). I am comfortable with the contractor (who was dating her when we met, he was a good friend and actually was in our wedding) and the designs are good. We are opening up a Galley Kitchen and expanding it into a Den. I will post pictures of course.

Happy Friday everyone.

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