Companion Contract/Questionaire


Cell No.______________

Linked In Profile or Work Website__________

Age_________________(attach Photo ID with redacted number)

References (Name, Website, Ph No.) ___________________________



Have you ever been arrested? Yes____ No________

If Yes, what was the disposition of the charges_____________________


Was the charge a result of Domestic Violence? Yes_____ No________

Please initial each line:

__________ I understand I am only paying for time and companionship.

___________ I agree that I will not summon law enforcement and that if the companion is arrested as a result of my summoning law enforcement absent danger to my life, I agree to reimburse the companion her attorney fees, court costs and fines. Additionally I agree to pay liquidated damages of $20,000.00.

_____________ I agree to pay a non refundable booking fee of 30% of the cost of the consultation to reserve the time. I agree the fee is earned when paid and non refundable.

_____________ I agree that no means no , that the companion is permitted to set her boundaries and if I persist after told no, she may end the session.

_____________ I agree the companion;s fees are non-negotiable.

______________I agree that if I am inebriated when I arrive, I am liable for the whole cost of the session.

_____________ I agree that if I cancel within 24 hours, I will be liable for a cancellation fee of $500.00.

_____________I agree that if the session is terminated due to my behavior, that I will refrain from contacting the companion in the future and if I do, she will be entitled to liquidated damages of $5000.00

4 thoughts on “Companion Contract/Questionaire

    1. I wrote this because someone tweeted about how a client outed a provider to her Mother and also someone else tweeted about how a client in Vermont or New Hampshire called the cops on a provider because he thought she shorted him ten minutes and they both got arrested. That all kicked my lawyer brain in high gear.


      1. I will say, you definitely seem to have great time management, financial, and crisis ready skills. You’re someone people should want in their corner when they go to court. I’m sure you have excellent taste in women and don’t have to deal with these issues.


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