Sex Workers and Family Law Part Deux Child Support

Other than child issues, the other issues in Family Law concern money. This falls into three different categories: Child Support, Property Settlement/Distribution and Alimony. Actually there is a fourth, one of my favorites, Attorney Fees. This post is focused on child support.

Child support is exactly what it sounds like, support for your child or children. In most jurisdictions, it is a mathematical calculation based on the parents incomes with time sharing, health insurance and child care costs as factors. The time sharing affects the support in that the closer you get to 50/50, the less support is exchanged. It is possible that if a couple makes roughly the same amount and one pays child care and the other pays health insurance it’s possible that no support would be exchanged if the parenting time is 50/50. I recently ran a calculation where if my client (Father) had every other weekend and one night a week, half the summer and other holidays his support was about $700 but if he had 50/50 it was about $120.

How this applies to the SW community is that you have to disclose your income as to amount. If you drive a Mercedes no one is going to think you work at Taco Bell. One sides income doesn’t skew the numbers that much so it’s dumb to lie about it.

The issue that comes up sometimes or a lot of time is when one side (usually the self employed dude) lies or obfuscates their income. The first thing I do in those situations is do a lifestyle analysis where I see how much that party is actually spending. If your financial statement shows income of $3000 a month and you are spending $5000 a month, guess what? Your income is $5000. Another point is that if someone is on their own business and they claim to make $30,000 a year, no one believes them. With all the brain damage that comes from being self employed, it’s not worth it to do it for that much. I’ve had Contractors that have paid for houses, 2 trucks and trailers claim to make only $30k, bullshit.

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